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How To Install Thunder Monster Baffles
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thanks for the feedback! i think something that is KEY, that i've seen some others miss while using the Big City Thunder baffles, is that they are designed to be installed 6" minimum away from the exhaust exit. i've seen many people complain that they don't help much, but noticed that they've been installed in the stock baffle location right at ...
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  • Big City Thunder DK, I have rode with my BCT baffle for about a week now. I can really feel the difference from 2000 to 3000 rpms. It has much more get and go than stock baffles and a whole lot more than with out. I was very skeptical at first, so spent about two days of riding with stock, with out and with BCT baffles.
  • Installing larger baffles or thunder tubes will change the velocity. Another remedy is to install a large flat washer toward the end of the pipe body. This requires drilling through the muffler or pipe and welding a washer to the end or a bolt.
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Aug 14, 2018 · A simple track, making a loop through a city reminiscent of a city from HL2. You will find it in the 'other' tab, titled 'thouroughfare_d'. Also, I am aware that there are a few visual issues with the map, but I made this map about a year ago, and I really...

I finished installing the baffles and my JP sounds SO much better!!! I had my baffles out before and my bike sounded like crap. I don't know about other peoples but mine sounded like crap on decel. Like a semi engine braking. If you like attention then have at it. Maybe it's just the swept pipes. Kudos to big city.
Rush offers replacement baffles so if 1.75" are too loud, for ~$40 you can buy the 1.5" baffles. I prefer a 2-into-1 for the performance aspect, but quality slip-ons will suffice for most folks in the performance department. Feb 19, 2013 · I have a V&H BR 2-1 and I took out the stock baffle and installed a Big City Thunder Monster baffle. I got the QQ which is quieter. It is louder than stock but sounds great. As far as the install, it was no picnic and took alot of grinding the welds with a dremel. South Africa’s biggest online car audio store, shop online in Cape Town or SA - car amplifiers, radios, smash and grab, car alarms and vehicle trackers.

Jan 26, 2012 · Just another plug for these baffles. So previous owner pulled the baffles from the v&h pipes - too loud for me and the bike was backfiring and popping like crazy. Got the original BCT baffles. Fixed most of the popping and backfiring. Still super loud, but "better" sound. Tried the Quiet Baffles and they're perfect for me.

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